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  • Joel McHale Secretly Wants To Be Thor

    Posted Nov 23rd 2009 at 11:01 AM by Jenna Busch

    Joel McHale makes us all laugh our butts off in the new NBC comedy 'Community'. It's got one of the best ensemble casts seen on television in recent memory, including Ken Jeong and the legendary Chevy Chase, and all signs point to a very long run. I threw myself in front of...I mean, grabbed a few moments with McHale before the recent US Weekly Hot Hollywood party, where he was being honored as "C...

  • Celebs' Most Anticipated TV Season Finales

    Posted Nov 21st 2009 at 01:15 PM by Jenna Busch

    PopEater attended the US Weekly Hot Hollywood party in Los Angeles on Wednesday night and with all the season enders in sight, we had a burning question: "What is your most anticipated season finale on television this year?" Boy, did we get some interesting answers. A cult favorite who love 'Dancing With the Stars', a music mogul who is into British history and a comedian who love sci-fi. Check ou...

  • Ken Jeong Teaches 'Soup Boy' a Lesson

    Posted Sep 22nd 2009 at 02:30 PM by Marc Schneider

    The past several years have produced an "embarrassment of riches" for actor Ken Jeong, who has gone from being a practicing physician, to dabbling in stand-up comedy, to having one of the fullest dance cards in Hollywood. After breaking onto the scene as a peeved doctor in 'Knocked Up,' the 40-year-old star has blitzed the big screen with scene-stealing roles in 'Step Brothers,' 'Role Models' and ...

  • Joel McHale Talks 'Community,' Kanye

    Posted Sep 15th 2009 at 12:35 PM by Mike Hess

    Joel McHale's career has been an interesting one for sure. He's been in showbiz for quite some time and is an actor at his core, yet most people know him for his snarky (and hysterical) delivery of celebrity news on 'The Soup.' That's all about to change, as McHale is getting some major facetime in the new NBC sitcom 'Community' (premieres Thurs. 9/17 @ 9:30pm EST). Sharing the screen with comedy...

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