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  • Martin Scorsese Directs New Chanel Cologne Ad

    Posted Aug 26th 2010 at 06:54 AM by The Editors of StyleList

    Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese lends his talents to Chanel to create a commercial for their new men's cologne, Bleu de Chanel. Following the classic Scorsese model, a rebellious young actor, played by French actor Gaspard Ulliel (of 'Hannibal Rising'), refuses to conform to expectations and falls in love with a woman who fuels his work with passion and turmoil. All that's missing i...

  • Behind the Scenes: The Premiere of 'Shutter Island'

    Posted Feb 19th 2010 at 07:21 AM by Denise Warner

    Martin Scorcese's latest film, 'Shutter Island,' opens in theaters today. The movie, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Federal Marshall Teddy Daniels, marks the fourth time the director and actor have collaborated. At the premiere of 'Island,' PopEater had the chance to talk to Dennis Lehane, the author who wrote the novel the movie is based on, about his visions for the film and what he thought...

  • VIDEO: When Movie Directors Do Commercials

    Posted Dec 17th 2009 at 03:10 PM by Kipp Tribble

    We sit through fewer commercials these days, thanks to the niftiness of DVRs around the world, but sometimes an ad will catch your eye. It just sticks out more than the others. Whether it be because of the comedy, the visuals, design, effects, music, or writing, the ad rises above the rest. There could be many reasons for this, but PopEater would like to concentrate on when film directors take a s...

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