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  • Taylor Swift, Johnny Depp Voted Favorite Celebs of the Year

    Posted Dec 21st 2009 at 09:00 AM by PopEater Staff

    The results are in. After asking you who you thought your favorite celebs of the year were, Taylor Swift and Johnny Depp take the crown. Over 62K voted for favorite female of 2009, and Swift beat out the second-place Jennifer Aniston, with 34 percent of the vote to Aniston's 24 percent. Beyonce came in third with 13 percent. On the men's side, Depp earned 29 percent of over 58K votes. Geor...

  • Who Should Star in a Musical?

    Posted Dec 17th 2009 at 05:00 PM by Scott Harris

    When you think of performers who can both sing and act, a few names spring instantly to mind. Queen Latifah. Jennifer Hudson. And, of course... Daniel Day Lewis? Okay, so the famously intense method actor may not be known for his vocal prowess, yet that hasn't prevented him from baring his musical soul on the big screen in the upcoming musical feature 'Nine.' Which shouldn't come as too much o...

  • Stars 'Speak' Out About New Documentary

    Posted Dec 8th 2009 at 02:00 PM by Denise Warner

    Matt Damon, Viggo Mortensen, Danny Glover and others lend their talents to the new History Channel documentary special called 'The People Speak,' based on Howard Zinn's book 'A People's History of America.' PopEater sat down with a few of the actors and Zinn to discuss 'Speak,' which transformed from a book, to a traveling stage show and now finally into the documentary. In the feature, acto...

  • Don Cheadle Dishes on Damon, Charity and His Dark Secrets

    Posted Oct 30th 2009 at 11:27 PM by Bryan Alexander

    Matt Damon might have set a new standard for over-the-top celebrity charity wrangling on his recent viral video and 'Entourage' episode, but Don Cheadle says he has no need to go to the zealotry extremes of his 'Ocean's' pal. "I don't have to call you and berate you on the phone," Cheadle tells PopEater of his fundraising success. "I'm the king of secrets. I just threaten to drop the stuff about y...

  • Leona Lewis and Lou Al-Chamaa: Why It's Good for Stars to Date Regular People

    Posted Oct 26th 2009 at 01:49 PM by Jo Piazza

    Leona Lewis is fed up with her fans acting all classist about her electrician boyfriend Lou Al-Chamaa (whom she has been dating for 7 years). Speaking about the 'snide bewilderment' some fans have about her dating a minimum wage earning non-celeb Lewis said: "It does make me angry. Because he's a great person. And it doesn't matter what you do in life, what your job is, where you come from." You t...

  • Damon: Oscar Winner, Internet Legend

    Posted Sep 30th 2009 at 07:28 AM by PopEater Staff

    Matt Damon is a really good sport. The Oscar winner is the star of some of our favorite viral videos. In the latest, he's "directing" a PSA with 'Entourage' star Adrien Grenier, who just can't seem to get it right. Watch the Video ...

  • Casting a New 'Oz' on the Anniversary

    Posted Sep 24th 2009 at 11:59 PM by Mike Hess

    Seventy years ago this week, the film world changed forever with the release of 'The Wizard of Oz.' The classic film still stands the test of time despite its 1939 release, but since remakes are all the rage these days, it got us thinking about who would be great in different 'Oz' roles. So, we're leaving it up to you to pick who should be cast for each prominent role in the film. After the jump,...

  • Matt Damon and Brad Pitt to Blame for Clooney's Male Stripper?

    Posted Sep 11th 2009 at 04:04 PM by PopEater Staff

    Earlier this week, a gay reporter put everything on the line -- stripping down to his boxers during a press junket and declaring his love to George Clooney. While the whole ordeal looked like something out of a Sacha Baron Cohen movie, Matt Damon reveals how a sarcastic remark he and Brad Pitt made got lost in translation and ended in the best unintentional prank. ...

  • Fatty Damon Had 'Funnest' Time Eating

    Posted Sep 8th 2009 at 08:48 AM by PopEater Staff

    Some actors go through excruciating lengths to drop pounds for roles, almost to the point of unhealthiness. Matt Damon, however, lucked out when it came to 'The Informant!' as he was asked to pack on 30 pounds for the goofy role. The actor, probably best known nowadays for his chiseled, bone-snapping 'Bourne' roles says he had "probably the funnest time" he's ever had working while filming 'The In...

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