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  • Quips & Quotes: March 13, 2010

    Posted Mar 13th 2010 at 03:01 AM by Caitlin McCormack

    In this day of celebrity entourages and PR protection, it's rare for a star to make a false statement. But Hollywood is nowhere near perfect, and every so often its peeps will make an off-colour comment or reveal more than they intended to. We keep you informed of the most noteworthy Tinseltown talk with our weekly installment of celebrity Quips & Quotes. This week: Howard Stern says ...

  • Rourke Refuses to Apologize for Gay Slurs

    Posted Oct 12th 2009 at 11:55 AM by PopEater Staff

    Mickey Rourke has activists up in arms after he attempted to defend video footage of him calling a journalist a gay slur. "I don't really give a f***. Life's too short," Rourke told UK's The Sun. "I have more gay friends than any 50 straight people I know, so I don't really give a s***. I meant what I said," he added. The film, dating back to last November, features an inebriated Rourke hitting...

  • In New Book, Rourke Shares Abusive Past

    Posted Oct 7th 2009 at 11:00 AM by PopEater Staff

    Oscar-nominee Mickey Rourke opens up about his relationship with his stepfather in a book called 'One Can Make a Difference: How Simple Actions Can Change the World,' from PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk and has exclusive excerpts. "My stepfather used to crack my head just because he felt like it. He was big, very big, and mean. And he was physically abusive to my mother," Rourke w...

  • Mickey Rourke Dating Young Model?

    Posted Sep 10th 2009 at 10:01 AM by PopEater Staff

    Mickey Rourke's revival into the mainstream with flicks like 'The Wrestler' seems to be having positive effects on his love life as well, as the 55-year-old actor he stepped out with a beautiful blonde model half his age. Elena, 24, accompanied the 55-year-old actor to the GQ International Man Of The Year-- where Rourke celebrated his new-found title. And this isn't just a fling, sources told U...

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