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  • The Van Der Beek Effect - How Did the Casts of 00's Sensations Fare?

    Posted Dec 10th 2009 at 03:30 PM by Melissa Daniels

    As we get ready to say goodbye to this decade, there are plenty of fond pop culture memories to recall. Television shows and movies set new trends, broke records and captured some serious staying power. One has to wonder -- after being a part of a phenomenon like that, what's an actor to do? Here's a look at the casts of ten wildly popular hits of the past decade, and what they've done since....

  • Best 'Twilight' Spoofs Tap Comedy Vein

    Posted Nov 20th 2009 at 08:59 AM by PopEater Staff

    In the spirit of the 'Twilight Saga: New Moon' release, we've compiled the best video spoofs about the vampire franchise. So what would happen if Buffy met Edward Cullen or the people of Forks turned into Sims? These hilarious spoofs will answers those questions and much more -- all while tickling the comedy vein. Watch the video below and see more spoofs after the jump >> Buffy vs. Ed...

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