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  • Dr. Drew Pinsky: Pray for 'Critical' Jeff Conaway

    Posted May 22nd 2011 at 10:20 AM by Christine Fenno

    Jeff Conaway, 'Taxi' star and onetime 'Celebrity Rehab' patient on Dr. Drew Pinsky's reality series, has been visited in the hospital by his former sobriety coach. As the troubled 60-year-old actor fights to survive, Pinsky denied that Conaway's substance abuse was behind reports of a coma. On Friday, the doctor tweeted: "Just visited Jeff Conaway. He is stable & looks like he will recov...

  • Does Dr. Drew Follow His Own Advice for Healthy Living?

    Posted Apr 1st 2011 at 01:00 PM by PopEater Staff

    Dr. Drew Pinsky is known for helping celebrities through rehab, but he also knows a thing or two about keeping regular people healthy. "You can talk about health tips all day long, but what's so important is making change," he says. "Walking the walk, not just talking the talk." Dr. Drew lists things that are essential -- like a balanced diet, exercise and lowering your stress levels. The...

  • Dr. Drew Hospitalized for Bacterial Infection

    Posted Jan 18th 2011 at 04:30 PM by Sarah Crow

    Dr. Drew Pinsky may spend most of his time treating troubled patients on 'Celebrity Rehab,' but it was the good doctor himself who needed some help from medical professionals after contracting a bacterial infection on a recent vacation. Pinsky, who left on Jan. 8 for a second honeymoon with wife Susan at a "secret destination," came down with a case of Leptospirosis while away, according to his...

  • Dr. Drew Nabs New Show on HLN

    Posted Nov 29th 2010 at 04:19 PM by Sarah Crow

    Dr. Drew Pinsky of 'Celebrity Rehab' fame has landed a new gig as the host of an upcoming show on CNN's "News and Views" network, HLN. The show will provide a forum for Pinsky's reflections on news stories and individuals covered by HLN each day. Pinsky, a certified physician who came to prominence offering medical expertise on 'Loveline,' has signed on to begin hosting duties in the spring of ...

  • Dr. Drew's Alleged Stalker Caught by Cops

    Posted Mar 4th 2010 at 11:59 AM by Sarah Crow

    Dr. Drew Pinsky's alleged stalker, Charles Pearson, has been apprehended by police in Los Angeles after making threats against the 'Celebrity Rehab' star and his family. Pearson, a reported transient, allegedly threatened to kill the doctor and his family, claiming that Pinsky had implanted a chip on Pearson's genitals through which he was trying to communicate. Pearson was reportedly arrested ...

  • Addiction Doc Chimes In on AM's Death

    Posted Aug 31st 2009 at 07:00 AM by PopEater / Wire Services

    Addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky said Saturday that pain medications likely led disc jockey DJ AM, a former drug addict who died suddenly Friday, away from his sober path. "It very slowly and subtly reawakens addiction," Pinsky said of pain medication in an interview Saturday. "I'm not saying it was inappropriately prescribed, I'm saying he didn't know the risks."...

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