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  • Sean Hayes Comes Out in The Advocate

    Posted Mar 8th 2010 at 04:42 PM by Sarah Crow

    After years of speculation about his personal life, 'Will and Grace' actor Sean Hayes has finally acknowledged, albeit circuitously, that he's gay in an interview with The Advocate. Hayes, who became a household name in the late 90s for his role as Jack McFarland on the NBC comedy, has been notoriously mum about his sexual orientation until now. In the interview, which appears in April's iss...

  • Meredith Baxter Joins Other Stars Who Came Out Later in Life

    Posted Dec 3rd 2009 at 04:00 PM by Tricia Romano

    On Wednesday, 'Family Ties' mom Meredith Baxter dropped a bomb on the TV world when she announced that she now identifies herself as a lesbian. This may have come as a surprise to fans since she's been married three times and has five kids. Her announcement was an attempt to preempt a tabloid report revealing her relationship with building contractor Nancy Locke. But Baxter joins other celebrit...

  • Blogs Battle to Out Anderson Cooper

    Posted Nov 4th 2009 at 01:06 PM by Brenna Ehrlich

    "Is Anderson Cooper gay?" That's the big question once again circulating around the Web ... only this time it's not so much is he, but who is he dating and why hasn't he come out yet. Last week, Gawker, Page Six and Perez Hilton started buzzing about supposedly closeted Cooper's rumored new beau (who, to be fair, Michael Musto has been blogging about for more than a month), and the glut of atte...

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