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  • 'Jay Leno' Wreaking Havoc on Local News

    Posted Oct 19th 2009 at 09:39 AM by PopEater Staff

    All across the country, NBC affiliates are cringing nightly as their once-healthy late night newscasts are experiencing huge drops in viewership. With 'The Jay Leno Show' as their new "lead-in" every night, stations in Baltimore to Kansas City and beyond are attracting fewer and fewer eyeballs to their prized newscasts, according to a report by the LA Times....

  • 'Glee' Creator Disses NBC and Jay Leno

    Posted Oct 13th 2009 at 03:49 PM by PopEater Staff

    When the 'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy found out that NBC pulled the plug on the cast's appearance on the 2009 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, he decided to take a verbal swipe at NBC... and the network's most famous comedian. "I completely understand NBC's position, and look forward to seeing a Jay Leno float," he told ...

  • Revealed! Meredith Vieira's Naked News

    Posted Oct 7th 2009 at 02:00 PM by PopEater Staff

    With friends like Al Roker, who needs enemies... In response to David Letterman's scandal over at CBS, NBC has revealed its own sexy past involving 'Today' show co-anchor Meredith Vieira. Jay Leno, the host of 'The Jay Leno Show', played a series of clips showing Vieira's early days in broadcasting. He ended with the most revealing -- a fully-exposed (photoshopped, of course) still of the femal...

  • Letterman Finds Formula for Beating Leno: Sex, Blackmail, Jokes

    Posted Oct 7th 2009 at 07:41 AM by PopEater Staff

    David Letterman may not be having the best week in his personal life, but ratings wise, 'The Late Show' host has got to be smiling. Around 5.7 million people tuned in on Monday to hear Letterman apologize to his wife for, oh you know, sleeping with numerous staffers over the years. According to CBS, that's a 36 percent increase in viewership from the previous Monday. It's also a 19 percent jump on...

  • Pee-Wee Herman Channels Jonas Bros., Talks About Paul Reubens

    Posted Sep 23rd 2009 at 08:05 AM by PopEater Staff

    Pee-Wee Herman returned to the small screen on Tuesday's 'Jay Leno Show' to show off his "abstinence ring" and talk briefly about his upcoming stage show. "It's not easy" to stay pure, the real life Paul Reubens told Leno about the ring, a nod to the actor's 1991 arrest at an XXX theater. Pee-Wee said he was excited to go "back to his roots" for the stage show, adding that familiar characters l...

  • Great Moments in Late Night Politics

    Posted Sep 21st 2009 at 04:00 PM by PopEater Staff

    Like him or not, it's no secret that Barack Obama is one telegenic cat. Given the amount of political soap to sell and the politicians who need to sell it, it shouldn't be a surprise that Obama has been on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' five times. But Monday night's episode is a big deal because it is the first time in 'Late Show' history that a sitting president will be a guest. Yep, Presi...

  • How'd Leno Fare in His First Week?

    Posted Sep 21st 2009 at 10:51 AM by Tricia Romano

    After much anticipation and speculation, Jay Leno's new show -- aptly titled 'The Jay Leno Show' -- debuted last week, and it turns out, it's almost exactly like his last show, 'The Tonight Show.' Except for the fact that it's not so hot according to lots of critics, and the end-of-week ratings were less than half of the show's premiere. Allow PopEater take a look back at how Jay did as he ventur...

  • Did Jay Leno 'Exploit' Kanye's Dead Mom?

    Posted Sep 15th 2009 at 09:06 PM by Jo Piazza

    Watching Kanye West on Jay Leno last night felt a little bit creepy, like when you accidentally turn on a dirty movie with your parents in the room. Kanye's four-minute interview was uncomfortable for so many squirm-worthy reasons that we here at PopEater wanted to take a minute to dissect exactly what made us feel like Kanye and Jay got one over on us. After the jump, experts break down the Kany...

  • Jay Leno Almost Makes Kanye West Cry

    Posted Sep 15th 2009 at 07:16 AM by PopEater Staff

    Kanye West used Jay Leno's prime-time debut Monday to offer another apology for ruining Taylor Swift's night at the MTV VMAs and says he's going to take some time off for reflection. The startling moment of the interview happened when Leno abruptly asked if his late mother would lecture him for his actions. Cue awkward silence. Watch the video after the jump! ...

  • Joan Rivers Zings Foes, Old & New

    Posted Aug 5th 2009 at 10:07 AM by PopEater Staff

    Joan Rivers has been getting into the spirit of her upcoming Comedy Central roast (airing Aug. 9) by zipping some zingers at random celebrities in recent days. Check out a few choice jibes: On Jon Gosselin, to Page Six: "I'm disgusted by him. Here's a guy with eight kids who runs off to 'find himself' -- well, he should have found himself a condom." On Brooke Shield...

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