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  • Kendall Jenner: 'Kim Is Living Vicariously Through Me'

    Posted Jun 16th 2011 at 03:27 PM by Kiki Von Glinow

    Hold off on your assumptions -- it's not Kendall Jenner who wants to be just like big sister, Kim Kardashian, according to the second youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner empire, Kim is living vicariously through her. The 15-year-old thinks that her big sis, who wanted to be a model when she was younger, is living through her own blossoming modeling career. "Kim originally wanted to do runway b...

  • 15-Year-Old Kendall Jenner on Birth Control

    Posted May 27th 2011 at 11:30 AM by Kiki Von Glinow

    With one sister whose sex tape catapulted her into fame and another who was saddled with a surprise pregnancy, we're not entirely shocked that 15-year-old Kendall Jenner is on the pill. In the teaser promo for the new season of 'Keeping up with the Kardashians,' Bruce Jenner is less than pleased when he finds his daughter's stash of birth control pills. "She is on birth control, but I'm the ...

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