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  • Michael Moore Gives $20K Toward Julian Assange's Bail

    Posted Dec 14th 2010 at 03:45 PM by Sarah Crow

    Filmmaker Michael Moore is throwing his weight behind a new cause, donating $20,000 to the bail fund for jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The 'Capitalism: A Love Story' director took to the Huffington Post to explain his support of Assange, who is currently being held in custody after turning himself in to London's Metropolitan Police Service on December 7th. An arrest warrant was issue...

  • Bold! Michael Moore Trashes Canada While in Canada

    Posted Sep 17th 2010 at 04:46 PM by PopEater Staff

    Michael Moore frequently praises Canada in his documentaries for the country's health care system and its non-violent ways, but, of late, the Michigander's northern neighbors haven't been on his good side. "It is absolutely shameful how Canada has behaved toward those who have resisted this [Iraq] war," Moore said to reporters at the Toronto International Film Festival. Moore tore into Canad...

  • Michael Moore: Hollywood Has Dried Up

    Posted Aug 10th 2010 at 12:00 PM by Jane Boursaw

    Pop-Ed: I review movies for a living and can count on one hand the number of smart, thoughtful, well-made American films released this year. I'm not talking about films shown in art house theaters or during film festivals. I'm talking about mainstream movies released in commercial theaters. Are American films getting dumber? Why does it seem like there just aren't that many smart films made in ...

  • Michael Moore Giving Up Film Career?

    Posted Sep 16th 2009 at 06:48 AM by PopEater / Wire Services

    Michael Moore says he made his latest documentary, 'Capitalism: A Love Story,' as though it were his last. And it might be. "I'm saying it's a possibility, yeah. Look, I love making movies. I think making a good movie is about telling a good story, and you can do that through fiction or nonfiction... I've made a body of work of nonfiction that I'm very proud of, and like any filmmaker, I'm look...

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