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  • Paula Deen's Former Housekeeper Pleads Guilty to Stealing From Star

    Posted Dec 21st 2010 at 01:00 PM by Sarah Crow

    Food Network star Paula Deen has a little extra to be thankful for this holiday season now that the woman who robbed her is facing the consequences of her actions. Mary Alice White, a former housekeeper for Deen and her husband, Michael Groover, has pleaded guilty to stealing and pawning $27,500 worth of jewelry from the couple. SavannahNow reports that White, who has operated under the alia...

  • Kate Gosselin: Too Hot For TV?

    Posted Dec 24th 2009 at 09:25 AM by PopEater Staff

    Kate Gosselin filmed a pilot for a new talk show, but high-level executives reportedly shelved the project, deciding the TV mom is too controversial for their airwaves. A source told that the show, with co-hosts Paula Deen, Lee Woodruff and Rene Syler, is still being shopped around to other buyers but it doesn't stand much of a chance....

  • Mysteries of "Jimmy Clausen Punched," "Jon and Kate Series Finale," and "Erin Ravenstahl" Solved

    Posted Nov 24th 2009 at 12:13 PM by Sam Brand

    Wondering why "Jimmy Clausen Punched," "Jon and Kate Series Finale," "Erin Ravenstahl," and "Adam Lambert Good Morning America" are surging in Google Trends? We can shed some light on the mystery. Google Trends provides the hottest keywords of the hour. Though the results change frequently, at any given time the list offers a snapshot of what's hot in the world of entertainment news. Here's what's...

  • Paula Deen Takes a Ham to the Face

    Posted Nov 24th 2009 at 08:34 AM by PopEater Staff

    Note to Paula Deen: Always beware of flying pork. The Food Network celebrity chef was trying to do some good by volunteering for the pre-Thanksgiving Hosea Feed the Hungry food drive in Atlanta, and before she new it, she was hit square in the face (nose and mouth, mostly) by an airborne ham that was being tossed for loading. Deen, clearly shaken by the incident, holds her face and is escorted o...

  • Kate Gosselin Confirms Talk Show, PopEater Readers Aren't Digging It

    Posted Sep 21st 2009 at 04:07 PM by PopEater Staff

    Looks like Kate Gosselin's stint on 'The View' was just prep for her upcoming talk show series. Us Weekly confirms that Gosselin spent the weekend in Manhattan filming a pilot with Southern cooking belle Paula Deen. "I've been given the gift of gab, so why not use it?" Gosselin said at the Southern Women's Show in Charlotte, N.C. But this might not be a good move for the 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' m...

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