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  • Looking Back on Top 'Rescue Me' Moments (VIDEO)

    Posted Jun 29th 2010 at 12:32 AM by Scott Harris

    For the last six years, FX's 'Rescue Me' has performed one of the most compelling high-wire acts in television history, expertly mixing high drama with gut-busting comedy, often in the same scene. And at the center of it all, of course, has been Denis Leary, whose portrayal of a New York fireman dealing with personal demons has turned Tommy Gavin into one of the most memorable characters ever to g...

  • Denis Leary on 'Rescue Me,' Oscars and Lindsay Lohan

    Posted Jun 28th 2010 at 10:10 AM by Mike Hess

    For five seasons, Denis Leary has shocked, stunned, amazed and flat-out cracked up anyone who watches 'Rescue Me,' his hit firefighter show that's returning to FX June 29 for its sixth season. The show's balance of hysterically funny and tear-inducing sad -- coupled with lots and lots of psychotic and socially terrible behavior -- is what makes it so appealing to its fans. PopEater got the chance ...

  • Maura Tierney Will Return To TV on 'Rescue Me'

    Posted Apr 7th 2010 at 07:59 AM by Andrew Scott

    Maura Tierney is on her way to a speedy recovery. The actress, who last year was forced to drop out of the NBC drama 'Parenthood' to undergo treatment for breast cancer, will reprise her role as Kelly McPhee on 'Rescue Me,' according to an exclusive report from TV Guide. But don't get too excited: While Tierney has already filmed some of her scenes, executive producer and star Denis Leary to...

  • The Technology That's Made the Famous... Even More Famous

    Posted Jan 12th 2010 at 03:20 PM by Kipp Tribble

    It's hard to believe that the Internet, DVDs and smartphones haven't been around forever. We can't imagine not going online several times a day to check our e-mail, Google our neighbor's name, update our status on 20+ social media sites, or spending 1/3rd of our day texting. Technology has become almost as essential to us as oxygen. And celebrities have recognized our need for it. PopEater now t...

  • Tierney Drops Show to Treat Cancer

    Posted Sep 11th 2009 at 06:45 AM by PopEater Staff

    With her career in full swing and roles in multiple shows, 44-year-old 'ER' veteran Maura Tierney is dropping everything to undergo further treatment for breast cancer. Tierney announced on Thursday that she was dropping out of NBC's new series 'Parenthood' in order to treat the disease, of which she claims her doctors are optimistic about the outcome. Tierney also had a major role on the m...

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