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  • Lacey Schwimmer Leaves 'Dancing With The Stars'

    Posted Feb 22nd 2010 at 02:59 PM by PopEater Staff

    'Dancing With the Stars' will be one star short this season when professional dancer Lacey Schwimmer leaves the show. On Friday, Schwimmer confirmed via Twitter that she will not be returning to the show for another season. In a tweet to her fans, she wrote, "Hey twitterbugs! I will not be doing DWTS this season. But be sure to tune in! <3." Soon after her initial tweet about leaving the sho...

  • Derek Luke Talks 'Trauma' With PopEater

    Posted Oct 5th 2009 at 10:59 AM by PopEater Staff

    Actor Derek Luke has done quite a bit in his still-young career, working with Hollywood legends like Sean Connery and Tom Cruise. Now, though, he's making the jump to TV in NBC's high-energy medical drama 'Trauma.' Derek stopped by the PopEater offices to chat about his new show, his conflicted character and what exactly fans can expect coming up. While he was here, he also dished about work...

  • Joel McHale Talks 'Community,' Kanye

    Posted Sep 15th 2009 at 12:35 PM by Mike Hess

    Joel McHale's career has been an interesting one for sure. He's been in showbiz for quite some time and is an actor at his core, yet most people know him for his snarky (and hysterical) delivery of celebrity news on 'The Soup.' That's all about to change, as McHale is getting some major facetime in the new NBC sitcom 'Community' (premieres Thurs. 9/17 @ 9:30pm EST). Sharing the screen with comedy...

  • TV Finales Spoiled Again: Why I Hate My DVR Because of Twitter

    Posted Sep 14th 2009 at 11:30 AM by Jason Cohen

    You're telling me! Remember when Tivo and DVRs were a TV obsessive's greatest joy? Now you can't go out to dinner on a Sunday, choose the VMAs over the 'True Blood' finale -- or, for that matter, live in the Mountain or Pacific time zones -- without risking exposure to pandemic-level spoilers of your favorite shows. Most blogs and message boards have "spoiler rules" and unspoken etiquette, but...

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